64 villagers took part in the Treasure Hunt & Hog Roast event, held by way of an early 90th Birthday tribute to The Queen. The Hunt involved finding a particular letter in some text at the location indicated by each clue, then solving the anagram presented by the letters. First team back with the solution (Happy 90th Birthday ma’am’) would be crowned!

The organisers (Gina, Hilary and Jean) received the teams back at The Carpenters Arms with their ‘Queen’ faces (scaring a few people!) but kept the result secret until after Matt’s wonderful Hog Roast. The Butlers were the winners so Rachel was crowned and ‘cut the cake’

The weather was fab so many participants were able to eat on the deck, serenaded by the cool sounds from Robin and his mates whilst others ate in the restaurant. The party went on into the evening …

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