The Coedypaen Scarecrows were out in force over the weekend, raising £425 for Covax and the Christchurch roof-fund!

Well done to ALL for the entertaining entries and to the deserving prize winners!

Particular credits to Christie, Cassie and Amy for calling the shots.

Big thank yous to Revs Graham and Sally who shouldered the judging, and Neil and Nelson from The Carpenter’s Arms for the fantastic First Prize feast voucher!


u14 1st prize – Dr Xand (from Operation Ouch) –  Rowan

2nd equals: Thor – Elliot, Spongebob – Ella, Harry Potter – Zoë


Captain Tom – Carol and Sally

2nd. Bob the Builder – Clayton and Claire

3rd. Princess Leia – Catherine and Mike Dodson

We can only suggest that if you’re thinking of next year’s prize, you should start planning now….!